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The spirit of travel awakens our souls. As we explore this wonderful world, let these principles guide us on the journey

Seek out new experiences. Let your travels expand your mind and nourish your soul. Be open to the unfamiliar.

Connect with locals. Make an effort to get to know the people and culture of wherever you go. Shared humanity transcends boundaries.

Practice mindfulness. Be fully present wherever you are. Appreciate the details and soak up the atmosphere.

Find beauty everywhere. Even simple things can be breathtaking if you look at them with fresh eyes. See the wonder in the world around you.

Embrace serendipity. Don't overplan. Leave room for unexpected joys and surprises along the journey.

Share kindness. A smile, gesture of help or friendly chat can make someone's day. Spread goodwill.

Be patient and flexible. Things won't always go smoothly when exploring new places. Roll with the punches and keep a sense of humor.

Respect local customs. Be open-minded and sensitive to cultural differences. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Appreciate luxury. Savor those special touches, pamper yourself and enjoy quality experiences when you have the chance.

Follow your bliss. Do more of what thrills your heart and gives you joy. Travel and hospitality are about creating memories.

Every single review receives a response from us, because true care is reflected in our attention to detail. 🌟


Hello ParisDaisy,

Your review is music to our ears, especially coming from a 🌟 reviewer like you. Your shoutout to our staff is greatly appreciated, they are indeed the legends of Palazzo Vitturi. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the delicious spread at breakfast (our hidden weapon). Ah! And the balcony views... They're indeed Venice in a frame. It was an honor to host you and we hope to welcome you back soon! 🙌🎭

Hotel Palazzo Vitturi General Manager

Lovely Stay 🌟10/10🌟

What I Loved: A spacious, bright, and spotless room set in a historic building overlooking a stunning square. Totally vibed with the classic Venetian flooring and the presence of a piano. That balcony though! Perfect spot to soak in the view, especially at night with the artistic lighting. The staff? Absolute legends – super courteous and always on hand. Breakfast was a spread of deliciousness. Truly a pleasure. Thanks a ton! 🙌


...The staff can't do enough for you and we were very lucky to staysomewhere SO wonderful.


schönes kleines Hotel ,gut gelegen an einem kleinen Marktplatz mit Cafés und Restaurants 🌟10/10🌟

Cosa è piaciuto · große geräumige Suite im italienischem Stil
super netter Empfang und Frühstücksservice


...The staff can't do enough for you and we were very lucky to staysomewhere SO wonderful.


Awkward but social



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