GIOTTO, Pictor Egregius

On display at Palazzo Vitturi


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In Venice to discover the art of the father of the Italian Renaissance.

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Proudly hosted at Palazzo Vitturi 

Palazzo Vitturi proudly hosted ART of GIOTTO: one of the greatest artists, for some the greatest, of Western culture.

ended in JANUARY 9th
Some fantastic 1:1 remarcable reproductions (certified museum standards) of fresco masterpieces by GIOTTO admired in our Palace.

Admiring the GIOTTO masterpieces

Here gurests admired one of the very few 1: 1 reproductions of some of the most famous frescoes by Giotto, the masterpieces found in the splendid Scrovegni Chapel in Padua.

The Nativity of Jesus

The Nativity of Jesus, which undoubtedly constitutes one of the most popular nativity paintings of all time between medieval and modern art, was created by Giotto between 1303 and 1305 (size 200 x 185 cm)

The innovative Giotto speaks of episodes of sacred life without any previous figurative model of reference, weaving the protagonists of humanity.


Art and Technology's Excellence

In these very faithful reproductions, the natural 1: 1 aspect ratio of the particular (190 x 93 cm) and the highest chromatic fidelity obtained thanks to the most current and advanced technologies have been guaranteed.

The acquisition of the image has been performed with innovative photographic procedures in very high definition that comply with the strictest guidelines for the protection of artistic assets.

The print is made with Giclée Fine Art technique in twelve pigment colors from the Art Print of Annarita Merigo Roberto Bonafede in Borgomanero (Novara) on 310 grams Galerie Prestige Cotton Artist Textured paper, certified for museum standards and produced in the round shape from IIford in Germany with a formula specially designed for graphic art.

The application of golden leaf by hand completes the production cycle to obtain a print that can be considered in all respects a work of art.

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the first kiss of the history of art

What Giotto (Giotto di Bondone, Vicchio 1267 - Florence 1337) gives us with his brush is one of the most extraordinary kisses of love ever made before.

Considered the first kiss of the history of art, it is the most famous masterpiece image of the cycle of frescoes, made inside the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, which almost cinematically illustrate the episodes of Mary's life.

The scene is known as the Meeting at the Golden Gate of Jerusalem.
The protagonists are the parents of the Virgin Mary: Anna and Gioacchino.
The eyes are fixed, the lips touch each other, the faces seem to interpenetrate one into the other. Anna's fingers pressed against the nape of her husband while the other hand tenderly stroked his face, Gioacchino returned to rest firmly on the woman's shoulder.

GIOTTO is the painter of feelings, which he does
shine through every look, every gesture ..

The GIOTTO works has been in showcase at Palazzo Vitturi in Venice in absolute preview for the"GIOTTO, Pictor Egregius" exhibition of the majestic Scuola Grande della Misericordia. An event that follows the successful Magister Canova exhibit.

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